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We provide data driven analytics Techniques & Data process solutions

We want to give best transparency and solve problems around the Cardano ecosystem. We provide you with all the Cardano blockchain data and expand it with the help of our intelligent services.This gives you your own platform to evaluate the data, to inform yourself about Cardano and to share it with others.

  • As a Cardano newbie

    Ask our Ada Bot to get your answers about Cardano.

  • As a delegator

    Use the NLP (Natural language processing) driven stake pool selection process to find out the best pool for YOU.

  • As a Stake pool operator

    Use our API to embedd our services on your platform.

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The next steps in 2021



  • Listen to community problems
  • Building ideas
  • forming first prototypes and website
  • Q2

    Infrastructure/beta services

  • Setup server infrastructure
  • Build data platform
  • Create first services
  • prepare Cardano Catalyst proposal
  • Q3

    Service extension/improvements

  • Improve services
  • Build further services
  • Search for partners
  • Q4

    Refactoring/further expansion

  • Constant further development of the services
  • Building new ideas and solutions
  • Team Members

    The person/s behind this project